About Us

is an acclaimed design firm, which is founded by Mr. Tushar Dey, who was previously associated as a Business Partner of M/S PROJECTS n SERVICES (2010), Those were the days we used to do Office Modular Furniture System, Office Chairs, Sofas, Modular Kitchen and interior decoration and in the year 2014 changed to “M/S Sharon Interior” for manufacturing and marketing with this flow of work with a brand name of “SHARON”. Today “SHARON” is a full capacity provider of high quality standard products for Homes and Offices. Sharon Interior is committed to design excellence, responsibility and sustainability. Dedicated to the creation of custom interiors, the company prides itself on combining architecture and interior design to find unique and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

We affirm that people’s environments precedence their quality of life at work, home and play. Work amalgamates the social aspects of today's life and blends them assonantly with Interior elements that create an environment that reflects the client's vision. The focus and objective is to "Design to Sell" tailoring each space to best suit the product or service offered by creating a back drop that allows the product to shine.

We are professionally managed to contracting services for manufacturing of office modular furniture, modular Kitchen, home furniture, office chairs, sofas and also turnkey projects of office, home, restaurant, hotels, showrooms and industrial organizations. Being in the industry, we are committed towards executing our services with high quality workship standards, under the visionary guidance of our expert team who are offering total flexibility to meet client's specific aspirations for the workplace. We are dedicated towards achieving maximum client satisfaction and this is the reason that we are delivering projects and solutions with concern, budget and deadline determined by our clients.

Interior is not only making your place beautiful but also there are several things to do. We also keep the following things in mind while doing interior your place.

¤ Proper Space management                                    ¤  Comfort

¤ Security                                                                           ¤ Ambience

¤ Durability                                                                        ¤ Lifestyle

The concept of modular furniture has become very popular in recent times. Innovation and customization has been taken to a different level in the modular office furniture segment. We transform your ideas into reality.